Motorcycle rider protects his bike from being attacked by wild deer in China


This is the moment a motorcycle rider wrestled with a wild deer to protect his beloved bike in China.

The man and his fellow bikers were on a road trip in Sichuan province on October 6 when they encountered the wild deer in an open area.

The group slowed down and eventually stopped to give way to the passing herd. However, one of the bucks started to butt its head against the man’s motorbike.

The persistent stag kept ramming its horns on the two-wheeler and even charged at a passing biker.

Fearing his vehicle might get damaged, the motorcycle owner grabbed the deer by the antlers and grappled with it.

Another group member reportedly came over to pull the deer away as the man drove his motorbike to safety.

Both the deer and the motorcyclist were uninjured.