Train car fire injures eight commuters in the Philippines


Eight people were injured when a train coach from the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) in the Philippines caught on fire on Saturday night.

Footage shows smoke seeping out from the train car which was running between Buendia and Guadalupe stations in Makati City on October 9.

The driver reported hearing an explosion before the train ground to a halt and started emitting smoke.

Panicked commuters riding the MRT-3 at the time said they attempted to break the train’s windows when its doors remained closed despite the emergency.

Passenger John Mark Relado said: ‘We all ran. There was a lot of screaming and crying. I thought that was the end of us. Many people were hammering on the windows and saying to smash them.’

Eight sustained injuries in the ensuing chaos, including a pregnant woman whom rescuers wheeled into an ambulance for first aid. The victims were dropped off at their homes after receiving medical treatment.

Meanwhile, MRT-3 maintenance provider Sumitomo released a statement apologising for the incident.

They said: ‘We extend our deepest apologies to all our passengers who were affected by the incident, and that we are examining all possible angles to accurately determine its cause.’

The MRT-3 is one of the Philippines’ major railway networks transporting commuters in the country’s densely-populated economic centre. The line is notorious for its near-daily breakdowns and delays in trips that inconvenience passengers.