Woman has massive ovarian cyst DOUBLE her own body weight

A woman in the Philippines worried she was pregnant – only to find six massive 90kg tumours growing inside her ovaries.

Nellyn Joy Amas, 28, began to experience pain on her backside in September 2019 in Bukidnon province. She weighed just 45kg at the time.

She endured the pain for a few months thinking they were normal spasms from being strained at work.

However, her stomach started to inflate like a balloon and she stopped having regular periods so she went to see the doctor in April last year (2020).

The untreated tumours have now grown so much that Nellyn weighs 135kg – triple what she was before. The tumour added 90kg to her weight.

Unmarried Nellyn, who also has no children, said: ‘I was sure I wasn’t pregnant because I don’t have a husband or a boyfriend, but my belly started to bloat uncontrollably.’

The woman was devastated when her ultrasound results showed six huge balls of cysts surrounding her ovaries but she said the operation was too expensive for her.

Nellyn added: ‘I used to earn money from selling clothes online, but I could no longer do that now because I can’t walk properly.’

Nellyn was admitted to the hospital for a week in June when she had severe abdominal pains but was later discharged.

Doctors advised her that she needed to prepare her body for surgery because she was still weak.

Nellyn had been taking medicine and supplements to reduce the size of the tumours until November.

When she returned to the hospital, she was cleared for an operation but she is still unable to save up enough money for the 50,000 pesos (766GBP) downpayment for the operation.

The woman said she doesn’t know where to find such a large amount so she is now appealing to good Samaritans for help.

She said: ‘I just wan’t these tumours out of my body. I don’t want to suffer anymore.’