Landslide crashes down hillside blocking road after heavy rain in the Philippines


Terrifying footage shows rocks and mud sliding off an eroded portion of a mountain in the Philippines.

The landslide was triggered by torrential rains that battered Arakan town in Cotabato province on January 21.

John Breach Patcheo, who lives nearby, said they were stranded on their way home because of the calamity.

He said: ‘The ground in that area always softens due to consistent heavy rain. I hope we could have it fixed so it will be safer for us who live here.’

Some of the terrified residents ran away while the others stayed and watched to monitor its severity.

Municipal Disaster Management officer Joan Gafate said several small houses, motorcycles, and a vehicle were damaged but no one was reported hurt.

He said: ‘Our town is considered a landslide-prone area, particularly in villages situated in our borders with Bukidnon province and Davao City.’