Woman unfamiliar with QR payment drops her phone into bus coin box

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bwmfolvgeonm1dl/VRP70924.mp4?dl=0

This is the amusing moment a woman who was unfamiliar with mobile payments dropped her phone into the bus coin box in China.

Footage shows the lady named Miss Liu trying to pay the fare as she rode on Guangzhou Bus No. 21 on September 27. She appeared to have trouble scanning the QR code, swiping her phone across the machine multiple times while the bus driver helped her.

However, the phone slipped through her fingers and fell into the coin box.

Miss Liu had reportedly just arrived in Guangzhou and was unused to the mobile payment scheme used in the city. The incident troubled her as she was using her phone for work and interviews.

Huang Shaohua, chief of the fourth branch of Guangzhou FAW Bus lines, said: ‘She said it was miserable. The address information (for the interview) is all in it, and there is no contact information. Now her work will be gone.’

Since bus management was strict, non-specialists were not allowed to open the coin box. The company promised Miss Liu they would retrieve the phone as soon as possible – an operation that would take one to two days.

Miss Liu eventually got her phone back. Her daughter said: ‘The incident did not affect my mother’s work. We are especially grateful for the help of the bus company.’