Giant python found hiding under house in Indonesia


A giant python was found hidden under a house in a village in Indonesia on Sunday night.

Children who were playing discovered the snake, which shocked residents when it was found coiled under a wooden house in Bontang City, East Kalimantan province, on October 10.

Resident Sitek said: ‘There were children who were playing. They immediately shouted, ‘look at the size of the very large snake’.’

Rescuers rushed to the snake’s location and prepared to evacuate it.

Sitek said: ‘The snake was under the house, but difficult to reach. In the end, residents managed to get it out. It took a lot of people to pull its body.’

Locals used rope and some cloth towels to secure the massive reptile and remove it from its hiding spot.

After being evacuated, the snake was handed over to the local fire service who said the snake will be released in an area far from settlements.