Men flee from house after landslide nearly buries it in China


Two terrified men came rushing out of their house after a landslide nearly buried it in China.

Footage shows the ground collapsing and sending mud and trees down the mountainside in Shanxi province on October 5.

Residents in the compound were rattled after hearing the loud noise, and went to inspect the damage from the landslide.

No casualties were reported, but the house wall was slightly damaged.

Shanxi province has been experiencing constant rain in the past weeks. Landslides resulting in at least four deaths were also reported in other areas of the province, including the cities of Jinzhong and Luliang.

More than 120,000 people have been evacuated as continuous downpours triggered heavy flooding across Shanxi, Xinhua news reported.

The provincial department of emergency management said around 190,000 hectares of crop have been damaged while at least 17,000 have been destroyed due to the deluge.