Two workers injured when buildings collapse in Bangkok, Thailand


Two workers were injured when the abandoned apartment buildings they were demolishing collapsed in Thailand on October 12.

Around twenty workers were on duty tearing down the Wanpaka Building in Nonthaburi province when the complex crumbled.

Footage shows the moment the apartment’s foundation gave out, sending rubble onto a nearby backhoe. Local media and concerned onlookers flocked to the scene as responders conducted rescue operations.

Two workers sustained injuries, including thirty-year-old Wichai, a backhoe driver who was trapped in his vehicle when it was smashed by a fallen concrete beam. He was rescued from the debris three hours after the buildings collapsed.

The disused complex, which consisted of an eight-storey and a six-storey building, had previously been occupied by mostly foreign residents and was slated for demolition by December 30 this year.

Police said they are looking into the cause of the incident.