Horrifying moment cop BODYSLAMS protester instantly knocking him out at rally in Indonesia

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkaf3aulk4wmi8w/VRP71325.mp4?dl=0

This is the horrifying moment a policeman bodyslammed a student protester during a rally in Indonesia.

The officers were attending a student protest when clashes erupted near the Tangerang Regent’s Office in Banten Province on Wednesday afternoon, October 13.

Shocking footage shows how one of the policemen dragged a young 21-year-old man away by the neck, before lifting him in the air and slamming him into the ground.

The youngster hit the concrete ground with sickening and a loud crack sound force before going into spasms as onlookers rushed to help him.

Miraculously, he escaped any serious injury other than ‘being sore’ and was pictured today, October 14, accepting an apology from the police who were criticised for being too aggressive.

The student, who was named only as Faris, was hugged by the policeman at a televised conference.

He said: ‘I’m fine now. I don’t have epilepsy. I’m not dead. I just feel sore.’

The officer seen in the video apologised to the student. He said: ‘I apologise for my actions. I apologise to Farix and his family. I will be responsible for what I did.’

Video from the protest shows how several people immediately approached the policeman and the student following the apparent attack.

Officers were immediately criticised for their ‘heavy handed’ tactics while monitoring the protest, which was held outside the regional government’s office to demand better handling of industrial waste and mining vehicle transportation.

Onlookers said the chaos erupted when the group allegedly tried to force their way into the regent’s office.

Police were later criticised for their handling of the incident.

Syaiful Bahri, representative of the Student Executive Board in Tangerang Regency, said: ‘We strongly condemn the Tangerang District Police for acting like that. This action is not in accordance with standard operating procedures.’

Responding to the outrage over the incident, the Banten Regional Police held a press conference and invited the student who was bodyslammed into the ground.

Officials also confirmed that the student was in good condition.

Tangerang Police Chief, Grand Commissioner Wahyu Sri Bintoro, said: ‘First, the Banten Police apologize, I as the Tangerang Police Chief have apologized to Faris, 21 years old, who experienced acts of violence by the security forces for the Unras action in front of the Tangerang Regency Government building.’