Strong waves batter coast as Typhoon Kompasu hits China


Strong waves battered China’s southern coast as Typhoon Kompasu hit China on October 13.

Footage shows strong winds whipping up the waves which crashed on the shore of Hainan province on Wednesday, just a week after tropical storm Lionrock also hit the region. Heavy rains flooded the roads and made it difficult for motorists to drive.

Kompasu is the 18th typhoon to hit China this year, making landfall in Hainan province on Wednesday afternoon.

The Hainan Provincial Government had issued a second-level typhoon warning on Tuesday as locals braced for the typhoon’s impact.

Some 320 flights in major airports, including Haikou Meilan International Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport, were cancelled while classes were suspended and tourist spots were closed on October 13.

The Hainan meteorological service said Kompasu has weakened after crossing land. It is expected to move through Hainan before entering the Beibu Gulf on Thursday.