Impatient motorist tired of waiting at level-crossing tries to drive over tracks… only for train to hit his vehicle


This is the heartstopping moment a driver leapt from his car moments before it was hit by an oncoming train.

The impatient motorist was caught on CCTV cameras waiting at barriers before walking from his vehicle to check that no locomotives were coming along the tracks in Belgrade, Serbia, on October 4.

Footage shows how he edged forwards around the fence was about to drive over the railway crossing.

However, the man instantly regretted his decision when he looked to his rnight and noticed a blue cargo train thundering towards him.

With seconds to spare before the train smashed into the car, the chubby driver leapt from the silver SUV and ran to safety.

The train then arrived and ploughed into the vehicle’s front bumper.

Officials from the Serbian Railways Infrastructure said that the driver was a 35-year-old male who fled the scene after the collision on the Belgrade–Bar railway in the Vreoci district.

However, a spokesman said the motorist later contacted officials.

The organisation said: ‘Upon the arrival of the police, he returned and reported to the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.’