Kind animal lover rescues kitten abandoned in river


This is the heartwarming moment a kind passerby rescued a kitten that was abandoned in a river in the Philippines.

Animal lover Melvin Diooquino was on his way to his salon in Dinalupihan, Bataan province on September 11 when he spotted the drenched kitten mewling as it stood atop some rocks in a nearby river.

Footage shows Melvin rushing to rescue the poor animal which was stranded in the middle of the gushing rapids.

He grabbed it by the back of its neck and brought it to safety.

He said: ‘I really love cats and dogs. I have two pet dogs and cats in my home so I was very sad when I saw the kitten helpless there.’

‘The water would’ve swept it away if I had not been there.’

Melvin then cleaned up and fed the kitten, which he was adopted by a friend.