Playful fish sticks its face inside jellyfish in the Philippines


This is the amusing moment a playful fish tried to stick its head inside the umbrella-shaped bell of a jellyfish.

Diver Gillian Kristine Balaba capture the adorable Finding Nemo-like sight while freediving in Bohol, the Philippines on October 9.

Footage shows the persistent fish trying to insert its head into the jellyfish cavity. It also appeared to be nibbling on the edible matter inside the jellyfish bell.

Gillian said: ‘I’ve been diving since 2019 and seeing this silly fish is quite entertaining. At first, I thought it was attacking the jellyfish to protect itself, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

‘Maybe it just wanted some company while swimming. It’s really cute.’

Certain species of fish and jellyfish share a symbiotic relationship.

Some types of fish are immune to the jellyfish’s sting and can seek shelter among its tentacles. In return, the fish eats and gets rid of parasites clinging onto the jellyfish.