Driver rescued after ‘mistaking gas pedal for brakes’ and crashing into river


A driver was rescued after mistaking her gas pedal for the brakes and crashing into a river in China.

Footage shows the black vehicle about to park in a parking lot in Beibaixiang Town in Zhejiang province on October 11 when it inexplicably accelerated, smashing the river guardrails and plunging into the water.

Zhang Shengdi, the manager of a construction team working in the area, said he rushed to the scene after hearing a loud sound, and found the still-occupied car slowly sinking in the river. Because he can’t swim, Zhang called his colleagues to rescue the trapped driver.

Two employees, Chen Jingdi and Chen Jiayi, jumped into the river, with other concerned onlookers following suit soon after. The men were able to evacuate the dazed driver just as the water finally swallowed the front part of the car. The operation took about 10 minutes.

The driver’s family offered profuse thanks and later sent gifts to her rescuers.

Chen Jingdi said: ‘Her family members are very polite. They have said a lot of thanks. We are embarrassed to say that.’

Local traffic police praised sixty-year-old Chen Jiayi who did not hesitate to dive into the water.

They said: ‘Diving in to save people is truly admirable and worthy of social praise.’

Officials said they are now investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the damaged guardrails have been temporarily patched up using wire mesh.