Taliban fighters allegedly evict former government soldiers from homes in Afghanistan

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2q5lnc5gwj5gmo/VRP71594.mp4?dl=0

Taliban fighters have reportedly driven out former Afghan National Security Forces from their homes in Afghanistan on Friday.

Video shows the armed militants forcibly evicting the former government soldiers from their residence in Pul-I-Khumri, Baghlan province on October 15.

The Taliban had also evicted occupants of a residential army colony in Kandahar last month. Most of the tenants are believed to be relatives of retired Afghan army forces.

The Taliban, in their first media conference after their takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, had earlier showed a benevolent face to the public, promising amnesty and mercy for those who opposed the Islamist extremist group.

Reports of reprisals and summary executions followed in the weeks after. A popular Afghan comic who had mocked the Taliban was shot dead. Women’s rights protests across several Afghan cities were met with violence.