Motorcycle rider crashes and flies head-first into price display board

A motorcycle rider crashed into a petrol station – flying headfirst and getting stuck in the price board.

Waraporn Nuansri, 29, was riding home when she lost control of the two-wheeler in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand on December 28.

She crashed into the curb and was hurled over the handlebars before her face smashes through the huge petroleum price sign.

Waraporn head became stuck inside the plastic signage and caused severe bruises on her face.

The gas station’s staff called the emergency services for help and they arrived to carefully take her out of the signage.

She was rushed to the hospital to have her wounds checked and treated but she was not seriously hurt.

One of the onlookers said: “She seemed to have been driving normally. She was not speeding but she just lost control of the bike while it was shaking and she crashed.”

Waraporn is now in a stable condition but is staying at the hospital as doctors conduct more tests to find what caused her to suddenly lose control of the bike.