Girl, 9, killed by crocodile while swimming in river in Indonesia


A schoolgirl was killed by a crocodile while swimming in a river in Indonesia.

Sakira Natania Safrullah, 9, was playing with her friends in the Kaki Air River, not far from her home in Buru Regency, Maluku Province when the hungry reptile attacked her on October 13.

Friends of the victim watched as Sakira’s small body was dragged underwater by the large crocodile which disappeared in the middle of the river.

Officers, volunteers, as well as residents, used boats to search for Sakira before locals finally tracked down the five-metre-long crocodile a day later on October 14.

Footage shows the locals cutting the dead crocodile open using a machete.

Seto Semar, staff of the Maluku Province Natural Resources Conservation Center, said: ‘The crocodile that was caught was about five meters long. But after being killed, we only found a turtle in the crocodile’s stomach.’

Curious residents went to see the crocodile’s dissection before it was buried in a nearby beach.

Meanwhile, Sakira’s body was found in the early hours of October 15, not far from where the crocodile attacked her.

Rahmat Palapia, coordinator of the Search and Rescue Post for the Namlea Region, said the child’s still-intact body was found by her father.

Rahmat said: ‘The father followed the search process, and found the body of his daughter. The condition of the body is intact, but there are bite wounds and crocodile claws on her body.’

Shortly after being found, Sakira’s body was immediately taken to the funeral home for burial.