Protective goose shares special bond with its dog best friend

This adorable goose is protective of its dog best friend. 

The pair were adopted and raised by Nongnat Chonpinit, 70, in Nakhon Nayok province, central Thailand.

She brought them up together and allowed them to roam around freely. However, Nongnat noticed that her goose developed a strange behaviour as it grew. 

Wherever the dog named Nak walked, the goose would follow around. The goose would also occasionally attack strangers who would try to pet the dog.

Nongnat said: ‘Anybody can touch my dog as he is friendly. The only obstacle is having to get past his protective goose best friend.

‘My goose Jib will even follow the dog to different houses. Whenever there is a dog fight in the neighbourhood, Jib will bite and chase away the other dogs that try to attack Nak.’