Ferris wheel under construction collapses in China

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49jblj2hifgbpd9/VRP72068.mp4?dl=0

A Ferris wheel that was under construction in China collapsed on Monday afternoon.

Footage shows the metal components of the amusement park ride in Jin’an Lake Park, Fujian province coming apart with a loud crash on October 18.

Lian, an onsite worker, said the incident occurred at around 2:40 in the afternoon. He added that steel parts started falling off during the Ferris wheel’s assembly.

One person was reportedly trapped on the Ferris wheel hub during the collapse and had to be rescued via crane, according to local media.

Firefighters and medical staff arrived to conduct rescue operations and block off residents from entering the scene.

Construction of the Ferris wheel, envisioned to be the tallest in Fujian province at a height of 120 metres, began on April 19 this year.

Longfor Properties which is in charge of its construction refused to comment on the ride’s collapse.

Authorities said the cause of the accident is now under investigation.