Filipino man, 21, has agonisingly twisted back to due severe scoliosis


A 21-year-old man with severe scoliosis has left him suffering with an agonisingly twisted back.

Jayford Gallego Lim had a malformed spine since he was born in Zamboanga del Sur province, the Philippines.

The extreme curvature of his back had affected his appearance as well as his growth – leaving him with the stature of a ten-year-old.

Aside from scoliosis, he also suffers from epilepsy which leaves injuries on his abnormally-shaped body after seizures.

His older brother, Tristan, said they are still not sure what caused Jayford’s condition.

He said: ‘We wanted to take him to bone specialists, but we could not afford the medical fees.

‘We don’t know how he could be treated, or what medicines he needed.’

The sick lad had a few health centre visits, but since they were not fully-equipped to treat complicated diseases, he never had a proper diagnosis.

He is being cared for by his mother, Helen Gallego Lim, 45, who works as a street food seller near the family home.

Brother Tristan, who works as a sales assistant, said they still have three younger siblings who go to school so their income is not enough.

He said: ‘We want to appeal help for my brother. We don’t know if there are any complications in his body because we haven’t visited a doctor.

‘He is uncomfortable and his back always hurts. I hope we can find help for him.’