Crocodile emerges clutching missing boy, 14, in its jaws in Indonesia

This is the horrific moment a crocodile emerged with the body of a missing teenager in its jaws.

The ravenous beast was seen chewing on the mangled body of Muhammad Fauzi, 14, in the Buton regency of Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia, on Monday October 18.

Devasted relatives chased the killer reptile to try and save the youngster. However, his dead body was retrieved later that evening when the crocodile finally let go disappeared into the muddy depths.

Sance Kamaru, Secretary of the Kinapani Makmur Village Office, said: ‘On the other side of the river there were people who saw the victim attacked. They screamed and yelled at him to get away.

‘In an instant his body was no longer visible on the surface of the river. Shortly after, a crocodile appeared on the surface of the water dragging the victim’s body.’

Friends of Muhammad, who was known by his nickname La Ugo, said they were playing in the river before school and were about to leave for classes.

Tragically, Muhammad returned to the riverbank to pick up bags he had left behind when the wild croc pounced and dragged him into the water near the village of Kinapani Makmur.

The crocodile emerged shortly after the attack clutching the body of the drowned teenager before sinking back into the water. Rescue teams finally recovered the body around eight hours later tangled in pieces of bamboo.

Officials are now searching for the crocodile to try and prevent it from attacking others but their operation has been hampered by bad weather.

Sance Kamaru added: ‘The victim did not have time to escape from the crocodile. The victim’s body sank after being separated from the crocodile bite.’