Two Filipino brothers have been struggling with severe muscular dystrophy since childhood


Two brothers were left disfigured after suffering from a muscle disease when they turned seven-years-old.

Footage shows Kevin Jay Jose, 20, and younger brother Carlo, 13, happily singing their favourite songs despite their health condition in Davao del Norte province, the Philippines.

The older sibling, Kevin, was the first one to contract the disease when he was seven.

Confused mother Marivic noticed his son had been having difficulties standing up or frequently falls while running with friends.

When he developed the strange posture before he turned eight, Marivic took the boy to the hospital to have him checked by doctors.

The mother was devastated when her son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy – a rare muscle disorder that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass in the body.

As the boy aged, he became extremely thin and was unable to walk because of lack of muscles in his body to support his bones.

While Kevin was sick, his parents had another baby, Carlo, who was then born healthy.

However, the family was again disheartened when he was diagnosed with the disease when he turned seven as well – which appeared to be more severe than his older brother’s.

Muscular dystrophy could only affect one baby in every 3,500 male births worldwide but it was diagnosed twice among Marivic’s sons.

As the disease remain incurable, the mother hoped that good Samaritans would help her boys.

She said: ‘I feel sorry for my sons as they used to be bullied by classmates so they never want to go out and chose to stay home.

‘We needed a lot of money for medication and therapy for my two sons. I know there is no cure yet but we wanted to at least manage the symptoms and make their life as comfortable as possible.’