Girl, 7, raped and killed in horror attack in the Philippines

A seven-year-old girl in the Philippines was found dead without any clothes after allegedly being raped and dumped on a riverbank.

Pia Grace Roberto was last seen singing Christmas carols for close relatives in Cavite province on December 26.

The girl asked her mother, Precy, to buy her clothes from the cash gifts she received so she was left alone with siblings in the house.

Precy started to worry after returning from the market to find her daughter was not home.

The girl’s father, Florentino, looked for the girl during nighttime despite being past a curfew time imposed during the pandemic.

He found her under a deep ravine without wearing any clothing five hours later on December 27 around 1 a.m.

The devastated father called the police and paramedics, who arrived at the apparent crime scene to take her body to the hospital for post-mortem examination.

Medics claimed she died from blunt force trauma in the head and chest, with four stab wounds at the back of her neck and spine. There were also reportedly signs she had been raped.

Carmona Police Station officers questioned people who last saw the girl and found two witnesses who pointed a 22-year-old neighbour Michael Dela Cruz.

The witnesses allegedly saw Michael with the girl around the time she disappeared.

Michael was arrested and is now under police custody, but he pleaded not guilty.

He said: ‘Those people who pointed me are lying. They are just mad at me because of a land dispute. I will fight for what is true.’

The police are still investigating the case while the grieving family prepared a funeral for the girl before she was buried on January 3 morning.