Russian boy, 7, suffers agonising burns after falling into boiling geyser in Thailand


A Russian boy is being treated in hospital after suffering agonising burns when he fell into a boiling geyser in Thailand.

Seven-year-old Misha Ivanov was on holiday with his mother Elina Kreptova, 35, when they visited the beauty spot in the remote Pai district of Mae Hong Son province on October 4.

However, there was reportedly no fence around the natural bubbling hot spring and Misha slipped into the fiery abyss while his mother was taking pictures.

Misha’s heart is said to have stopped before he was pulled out and resuscitated around five to 10 seconds later. He reportedly suffered 50 per cent burns across his stomach, arms and legs.

Elina’s mother – who did not pay for travel insurance – is now appealing for help with the medical bills which have passed more than 500,000 Baht 10,880 GBP.

Family friend Masha Zhigunova said well-wishers had so far donated more than 45,000 Baht (980 GBP) through a crowdfunding website.

She said: ‘This is a terrible case. Misha fell into a geyser containing 100-degree boiling water. The springs were not fenced off. The geyser doesn’t belong to anyone and it is a wild spot. There were no warning signs around the geyser.

‘The percentage of boiled skin is very high, about 50 per cent, his genitals and body are burned. The child’s condition is very worrying, his heart stopped once, but he was resuscitated.

‘Surgery was performed and two more are needed. If he makes it, a long rehabilitation process will be required. Unfortunately, there is no insurance. Expenses are very high and the family has no money left.

‘The Russian-speaking community [in Thailand] is actively collecting money, but they need more. His life now depends on everyone who can contribute to this fundraiser launched by the hospital personnel. His family will be forever grateful for any help, prayers, and repost of this message.’

Misha was taken to Chiang Mai hospital for treatment while police visited the geyser to check who owns the land and whether it should have been fenced off. The family have also had to extend their holiday in Thailand indefinitely while Misha receives treatment.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Mangkol Sanmuangma said officers had visited the family to get more details about the accident.

He added: ‘The victim’s skin was severely blistered from the burns and began to become disfigured. He was in a lot of pain. We are now investigating with the relevant government agencies whether the land is private or owned by the state. While the child is being treated, we will help to facilitate his recovery.’