Thai woman makes home accessories from recycled coffee sachets


A grandmother in Thailand makes home accessories from recycled coffee sachets to earn additional income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chamnong Pornkham, 64, weaves colorful baskets and tissue boxes out of used coffee packets from her home in Ang Thong province.

She said: ‘During the pandemic, we have stayed inside the house and haven’t dared go out. So I looked online media from my phone and found out how to make tissue boxes from coffee sachets.

‘I found it easy to make and the result was beautiful.’

Chamnong cleans the empty coffee sachets, leaves them out to dry in the sun, then trims them up to be used as weaving material. She also asked for used coffee packets from relatives and neighbours to support her small business.

The handmade tissue box costs either 50THB or 100THB depending on the size. Chamnong also made baskets which she sells for 500THB each.