Fireman swept away while rescuing locals from flood in Malaysia


A fireman was swept away while trying to save flood victims in Malaysia.

The rescue worker was installing ropes to secure and evacuate flooded locals in Sungai Putat Village in Batu Berendam, Melaka, Wednesday (20 October) when the torrential currents smashed into him.

He was carried away by the torrents while brave colleagues battled to reach him.

Firefighters took about 10 minutes to save the victim, who was pulled alive from the river but was unconscious.

The officers then put him on a respirator before taking him to a nearby hospital.

At least 11 areas in the Hang Tuah Jaya Airport Council (MPHTJ) in Melaka were reportedly hit by flash floods. Local people are asked to be vigilant because the flood currents in some places are quite heavy.