Kind taxi driver gives free ride to two lost blind men in China

A kind taxi driver offered a free ride to two blind men who were lost in China.

The driver named Fan was driving on a road in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province when he found the pair wandering on the side of the street with their walking sticks an hour past midnight on October 19.

He said: ‘I first saw them heading north on my way to drop off my passengers. But when I was coming back, I found that they were still on the road, but they were heading south in the opposite direction.’

Fan then asked where they were going and invited to give them a ride free of charge. He delivered them safely to a nearby massage shop for the blind.

He said: ‘I love offering help to old or weak people, or those with disabilities. My wife always tell me that I’m nosy, but I like to think I’m caring.’