Run-down wooden home has hidden surprise inside as woman transforms bedroom

This run-down village home has a stunning surprise hidden inside – a decorated bedroom with flashing lights.

The single-story wooden home with a tin roof was built two decades ago in Chachoengsao province, Thailand.

Daughter Waraphon Inkhai, 22, wanted to brighten up her bedroom and spent 8,000 THB painting the walls and fitting it out with fairy lights.

Astonishing footage shows the contrast between the old home and the bedroom renovated with a modern style.

Video that Waraphon posted of her ‘secret room’ on Chinese social media video app TikTok was even viewed millions of times.

Waraphon said: ‘I spent my savings renovating this room. I never had a room of my own before, so I thought decorating a nice space for me to play computer games could be a good idea.

‘My father will renovate the house after two years. People did not believe that such a modern room was inside a house that looked as old and shabby as that.’