Python tries to eat pet cat on front porch in Australia

This is the shocking moment a wild python attempted to eat a pet cat on the balcony of a house in Australia.

Seven-months-old moggie Misty was stood on the balcony covered with chain link fence in Warrimoo, New South Wales when the snake saw it on December 6.

The curious cat stared at the reptile until it tried to attack the furry pet but the fence prevented it from doing so.

Pet owner Karen Thomas said they knew there was a python in the compound but didn’t see it until they saw the CCTV video of the cat.

She said: ‘We knew there was a python around but we’d never seen it. We live backing onto the bush and have lived here 12 years.

‘We did see a large red belly snake but he didn’t come as close to the house. Everyone kept telling us that Blue Mountains pythons won’t attack cats or small dogs.

‘The video proves them wrong. If we didn’t have an enclosure our cat would have been killed. We have three cats and three enclosures I also had a friend who was attacked by a python years ago in Linden.

‘The python bit his arm and wouldn’t let go. It was in the Blue Mountains Gazette.’