Cafe uses coffin as chair for customers to contemplate life and death


A bizarre cafe inside a Buddhist temple in Thailand lets customers sip their iced coffee while sitting at a coffin chair.

The Place Cafe built within Wat Lo Sutthawat Temple in Ang Thong province serves coffee and desserts but their strange interior is what has proved most popular.

The cafe had a special space in the corner where a wooden coffin has been repurposed as a chair.

Customers are fond of sitting in unusual furniture while taking selfies after praying at a nearby Buddhist temple.

The owner, Ganjanapa Cheucham, 29, said she installed the coffin after a memorable conversation with the temple’s monk Paitoon Gantathammo.

She said: ‘He said he wanted tourists to experience a relaxing atmosphere here while also surrendering to the idea that death is a normal part of life.

‘Besides drinking coffee, guests can contemplate the life cycle of birth, growing old, and death by sitting on the coffin chair.’

One of the customers who had visited the unique cafe said it felt strange to sit on the coffin at first but it was a nice experience.

She said: ‘I feel good sitting on the coffin chair, the atmosphere is really strange but nice. Sitting here is like being in a coffin but in an upward position. I can just chill on the chair with my coffee.’