Newlywed couple receives a million pesos in cash during their money dance in the Philippines

This is the amusing moment a couple in the Philippines received a huge amount of cash from their grandmother during a traditional prosperity dance at their wedding.

The newly-married Collins and Rubz were about to start their money dance when their 88-year-old grandma Adelina came over and presented a money-packed suitcase to the shocked couple.

Cousin Maria Alinette Suaverdez recorded the guests helping the newlyweds unfurl the sheets of thousand-peso bills at the reception venue in Infanta, Quezon province, on October 20.

She said: ‘Our grandmother promised that she would give a million pesos to whomever of her unwed grandchildren gets married first since she was getting older. My two cousins ​​got married and now Rubz followed and also received the same amount.

‘Our grandmother is very prudent with her money. She is very simple and does not buy expensive things. She is used to helping others, especially her grandchildren.’

Maria added that attendees were careful to adhere to pandemic protocols at the festive event.