Smart dog wipes his up his own pee after making a mess on the floor

This is the amazing moment a clever pet dog used a rag to clean up his own pee after making a mess on the kitchen floor.

Footage shows the Siberian Husky named Bolt cleaning up the mess inside their house in Cebu province, the Philippines on December 29.

The two-year-old pooch carefully laid the rag on the pool of urine using its mouth before leaving when the mess was soaked up.

Proud pet owner Zzal Onos said she did not teach her beloved dog to do that, but the pooch learned how to do it himself after always being scolded for peeing on the living room.

She said: ‘We always run out of rags as he always peed inside the house. He’d be scolded and appear sad.

‘He is very smart and loves me a lot as he doesn’t want me to get mad at him so he just does the right thing that pleases me.’

Zzal added that the smart behaviour of the dog started when she caught it trying to hide its urine a few months ago.

She said: ‘I threw a rag at Bolt and showed him how to wipe it properly. I think that’s when it all started.’