Baby turtle with fishing hook stuck in mouth saved by locals in Thailand


A baby turtle with a fishing hook stuck in its mouth was saved by locals in Thailand.

Rintip Tongmuang, 37, was driving in Krabi province on October 21 when she spotted the creature lying on the road with the piece of metal in its mouth.

Concerned Rintip took the turtle, which was around the same size as her hand, back home and asked her relatives to help. The group held the turtle still before pulling the object out from its mouth using a pair of pliers.

They made sure the creature was not injured and later released it into a canal behind their home.

The relative Charan Rakwong said: ‘We believe the turtle swallowed a fisherman’s hook and walked up to find humans to help it.’

‘This type of turtle is not seen often. It is only the size of my palm, so I think people should not try to hurt it.’