Rainbow cloud amazes locals in the Philippines

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rou95hmlae3poa/VRP73367.mp4?dl=0

A colourful fire rainbow cloud amazed residents when it lit up the sky in the Philippines.

The rare weather phenomenon was captured over southwest part of Mlang Cotabato province on October 20.

Onlooker Lester John Villarosa Dimasuhid captured the stunning sight from his workplace.

He said: ‘We were amazed and quite shocked when we saw it. It was so colorful. It started as a thick, colored cloud then it faded little by little until it disappeared.’

Iridescent clouds, sometimes called ‘rainbow clouds’ or ‘fire rainbows,’ occur when water droplets or tiny ice crystals diffract sunlight in the atmosphere, creating the colorful optic phenomenon in the sky.