Market deserted and abandoned amid Covid-19 closures in Bangkok, Thailand


Footage shows how a once-popular street market has been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic – with rows of now abandoned stalls.

The Siam Soul area served street food from Japan and Korea to thousands of tourists a day visiting Bangkok, Thailand, in 2019.

However, since restrictions caused by the virus were put in place in March 2020, the area has been abandoned by traders who have left their stands locked up. Footage shows the scene on October 28 as Thailand finally begins to re-open to international tourists from November 1.

Ministers hope that allowing fully-vaccinated travellers to enter the country without quarantine will boost the GDP but economists have warned that it could still be another five years before the country’s tourism industry returns to pre-pandemic levels. 

Two years ago tourism made up an estimated 21 per cent of Thailand’s GDP, generating 1.8 trillion baht in revenue. However, the country’s National Economic and Social Development Council predicted that it could be another five years before similar numbers are seen. 

Analysts said that between now and 2026, around seven million workers will continue to be affected by the economic harm from the Covid-19 pandemic.