Police raid fake makeup factory in southern Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbb1cz94p8betbf/VRP7355.mp4?dl=0

Thai police raided a warehouse that allegedly manufactured fake cosmetic products.

Officers seized several boxes filled with unregistered makeup estimated to be worth 10 million Baht (335,000USD) in Songkhla province on January 25.

Huge buckets containing ingredients for foundations, lipsticks, and beauty creams were also found inside.

The warehouse, listed as a rubber farm storage, had a production area where the liquids were mixed in blenders and packaging machines.

A separate room was used to sort the finished products in bottles before placing them in the boxes found in the hallway for delivery.

Some of the products had labels of counterfeited cosmetic brands found in big department stores.

Pichairat Penjuan, 48, was arrested for allegedly running the factory without securing proper business permits.

Thepha District Administrative Officer Somsak Chusri said the products did not pass proper health standards and could be dangerous to buyers.

He said: ‘These products were not tested nor conducted trials if they are fit for consumption. It is very dangerous to use these chemicals on the body.’

The police, together with the provincial public health office, are now looking for other people who may have been involved with the illegal factory.

Investigations on where the products are being distributed for sale is also ongoing.