Brave rescue team saves deadly cobra tangled in net


A brave rescue team saved a deadly cobra tangled in a net in Thailand.

Anuson Nimnuan, 40, was cleaning his garden in Ang Thong province on October 23 when he spotted the large cobra with its head sticking out.

When he looked closer, he found that the snake’s body was tangled up in the chicken net so he called the rescue team for help.

The team used metal equipment to take hold of the snake’s head before cutting the net using scissors. As they pulled the cobra out, they found it was 4.ft long.

A female snake wrangler then demonstrated how a snake can be caught using bare hands, and instructed residents to stay still when a cobra spreads its hood.

Anuson said: ‘They managed to rescue the snake without leaving a single mark on its body. I’m thankful we have such a brave rescue team to help us whenever things like this happen.’

The team placed the snake into a sack and later released it back into the wild.