Snake wrangler dances to hypnotise king cobra and make it easier to catch


This is the amazing moment a skilful snake wrangler captured a deadly king cobra by dancing with it.

Resident Utane Sakworapong found the 6ft-long snake hiding among the dried leaves in his fruit farm in Chanthaburi province, Thailand on January 27.

The snake was aggressive and ready to strike when provoked so the farmer called the animal rescuers for help.

He thought that the rescuers would hunt the reptile down with a pole and rope, but the team that responded had a unique way of handling animals.

One of the rescuers, Suthat Thobudee, stood close to the snake while keeping a safe distance between him and the animal.

The professional reptile handler stared at the cobra and began swaying his head sideways appearing to hypnotise it.

First, he stared at the snake, moving his neck back and forth while moving his feet in coordination.

The ferocious cobra then seemed to be captivated by the bizarre dance and moved in unison with the rescuer instead of attacking.

Neighbours also came to watch the rescuers as if it was an entertaining show as the rescuer and snake danced with each other.

Using the strange dancing technique to catch the snake, the team was able to capture the snake in just half an hour.

Rescuer Suthat said: ‘This way of capturing the snake is used to distract them from their surroundings and keep their attention.

‘If done properly, they will only be focusing on what’s in front of them instead so it’s easier for us to catch the snake.’