Tourist breaks into enclosure and tries to provoke white tigers in Beijing Wildlife Park


A crazed visitor broke into a zoo’s TIGER enclosure to try and provoke the animals.

The rule-breaker reportedly left his vehicle and climbed into the exhibition of Baihus, types of white tigers, at the Beijing Wildlife Park on October 23.

He was seen crouching in front of and trying to elicit a reaction from the white tigers, which appeared to ignore the unwelcome intruder.

Staff at the Beijing Wildlife Park are said to have been busy patrolling other parts of the park when the incident happened at the self-driving visitor area.

Staff said they used food lures and firecrackers to drive away the carnivorous cats and prevent an attack. They added that the man openly flouted the team’s instructions during the rescue operations as he tried to get the tigers’ attention despite advice from the staff.

A concealed device in the exhibition area allegedly prevented the man from getting mauled.

He was sent to the hospital for a physical examination and is now under police custody for investigation.

Meanwhile, the Beijing Wildlife Park said: ‘Beijing Wildlife Park would like to thank all the tourists and friends who were driving through the Baihu exhibition area of ​​the self-driving tour area at the time of the incident.

‘It is precisely because you actively cooperated with the instructions and guidance of the staff of the exhibition area that we successfully conducted our rescue work.’