Large python rescued after getting stuck in a manhole cover in Thailand


A 7ft-long python was rescued after getting stuck in a manhole cover in Thailand.

Locals saw the creature slithering into the drain and getting trapped on October 20 morning in Pathum Thani province.

Concerned villagers went over and poured dishwashing soap and water to free the snake, but to no avail.

The rescue volunteers later arrived at the scene and found the python’s tail and body still sticking out from the narrow manhole cover.

Animal handlers attempted to pull the snake out for more than 30 minutes, pouring on vegetable oil and even trying to break the concrete manhole cover, but the chubby serpent remained trapped.

A solution was finally found when, instead of pulling, the rescue team gently pushed the snake further into the hole. Its body slid down with ease as the reptile fell straight to the canal underneath.

Apichai, one of the volunteers, said: ‘We believe the snake must have eaten a kitten or a mouse. That’s why it had its body stuck in the hole.

‘Fortunately the snake did not attack any of the villagers. I’m glad we managed to free it as it was stuck for hours on the road.’