Thai woman arrested for modelling sex toys on social media


A Thai woman was arrested after selling sex toys — by modelling them herself on social media.

Prapaporn Pleantong, 23, imported the kinky goods from China before performing sex acts with them on camera from her room in Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

She had hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Line who would watch her demonstrate how to use them, then order the vibrators, synthetic vaginas, and saucy clothes.

However, some shocked locals complained to police who swooped on her single-story concrete home on October 27.

Police arrived and found Prapaporn holding a device in her left hand. Three sex toys that were found on her property also matched those on her Twitter account.

The saleswoman was arrested on suspicion of putting pornographic material into a computer system accessible to the public and producing, possessing, and distributing pornographic photos and videos and pictured at the station pointing at a selection of toys found at her property.

Police said that Nong Nan had admitted breaking ‘computer crime act’ laws on putting pornography into a computer system and for ‘trading or distributing obscene materials or things’.

Colonel Itthichoke Kerdphol said: ‘After investigating we found Praporn’s explicit videos and pictures were available on Twitter.

‘Other than putting the images and video on sale, Prapaporn also openly sold sex toys to the general public which is illegal. The said Twitter account showed information about the payment method via PromptPay system for Prapaporn.’

Despite Thailand’s world-renown adult nightlife, it tries to uphold conservative principles in law. Pornography, sex toys and prostitution are all illegal, but still widespread.