Driver finds kitten stuck in pickup truck’s engine


This is the heartwarming moment a driver found a cat stuck in his pickup truck’s engine in Thailand.

Phrompiram Wangkhiri, 35, was driving home in Loei province, northern Thailand on October 23 when he heard the cat’s loud cries.

Thinking the sound was coming from outside, he parked his pickup and searched for the cat along the road, but found nothing.

However, upon reaching his home, Phrompiram could still hear the kitty’s meowing, so he lifted his car hood and found the two-month-old white cat sitting in the pickup truck’s engine.

Phrompiram immediately carried the cat out and fed it inside his house.

He said: ‘I have no clue how this cat managed to enter my car’s engine, I think it must have felt hot when I was driving.

‘Luckily the cat was not injured. It was healthy and well when I brought it out from the engine.’

Phrompiram has now adopted the kitten and will raise it as a pet.