Daring kids jump off bridge and into dirty river in the Philippines

A group of fearless youngsters jumped off a bridge in the Philippines.

Onlooker Gerald Belanigue said he was going to work when he noticed the kids diving from the Guadalupe Bridge in Metro Manila, the Philippines on October 28. Footage shows the children leaping from the side of the bridge and into the polluted Pasig River below.

Gerald said: ‘It was very alarming. Actually, I’ve seen those kids bathe in the river several times, but they were diving from a lower platform under the bridge. It was my first time seeing them jump from the top, and it gave me chills as it was very steep.

‘Some traffic enforcers were watching them as if entertained by the sight. I posted it so that authorities would be aware and they might take action. The stunt was really dangerous and I am concerned about the well-being of those children.’

The Philippines’ Pasig River is one of the world’s top sources of ocean plastic waste, according to a peer-reviewed study released by the American Association for the Advancement of Science last 2020.