Family of 70 wear Squid Game outfits for epic Halloween party in Texas


A family of 70 dressed up as Squid Game characters for an epic Halloween party in Texas.

Footage shows Dian Yi’s relatives marching into the family home in Houston on October 24 while pretending to be contestants and guards from the hit Netflix show.

They are wearing the distinctive white and green player costumes that have become a global trend amid the popularity of the gruesome drama.

Several kids even wear the pink guard outfits while holding plastic toy guys as the family re-create the exhilarating tug-of-war game from the show.

Dian said: ‘We were celebrating my little cousin’s birthday and our annual Halloween party. We have a party every year with our family.

‘The theme we chose was Squid Game, though none of the kids or my grandparents have seen the series. It was my idea, and my sister made the shirts for everyone.’

Dian added that the family members share a close bond with one another, often getting together to play kickball with the younger kids.

She said: ‘There are roughly 70 people in my family. My grandma will be turning 80 next April and we’re planning on giving her a big party. Together with my grandpa, they have nine kids. All girls and one boy.’

The South Korean Netflix drama Squid Game tells the story of hundreds of participants struggling with debt who compete in a series of children’s games with a violent twist to win the final 45.6 billion won (38.7 million USD) prize.

The series was released on September 17 and received an overwhelming response from viewers worldwide but it has also been criticised for showing violence and gore.