Fugitive tries to hide from police by covering himself in leaves


A bungling fugitive was caught after trying to hide from the police – by covering himself in leaves.

Officers were patrolling near a gas station in Bangkok, Thailand on October 26 evening when they noticed a suspicious pickup truck parked on the roadside.

The suspect fled from the scene when he saw the police searching for him. He ran across the street and jumped over the road median before disappearing into the forest.

Police in pursuit secured the perimeter and combed the area for Yuthapong Yingdee, 30, who they later found in under five minutes hiding beneath a pile of dried leaves.

The suspect pretended to be unconscious when officers lifted his limbs and brushed away the leaves covering his body.

Yuthapong was accused of embezzlement, with a warrant for his arrest issued in September. The alleged victim claimed that Yuthapong had borrowed his motorcycle but came up with excuses to abscond with the vehicle.

Yuthapong confessed: ‘I am the person on the arrest warrant. I ran away from the police and hid beneath the leaves and thought they wouldn’t find me as I have an amulet to protect me.

‘I think my lucky Buddhist amulet must have fallen when I was running away. That’s why I was visible to the officers.’

Yuthapong is currently being questioned by the investigation team for prosecution.