Colorful display lights up world’s largest ferris wheel in Dubai


A light show displayed on the Ain Dubai, the world’s largest ferris wheel, mesmerised onlookers in Dubai on October 23.

Webster Webb recorded as the wheel’s spokes lit up in blinking patterns and illuminated the Dubai waterfront at night.

The 820-foot Ain Dubai was greenlit for construction in 2013 and is currently the world’s largest and tallest ferris wheel. With almost twice the height of the previous record holder, the 440-foot London Eye, the structure is envisioned to boost tourism in the burgeoning entertainment hub.

Each cabin on the wheel can hold up to 40 passengers, for a maximum seating capacity of a whopping 1,750 people. However, patience is required for those willing to go on the gigantic ride, as it takes about 38 minutes to make a full rotation.