Volunteers collect plastic garbage to turn into a surfboard in Thailand


Environmental advocates and volunteers kicked off a plastic pollution collection event to mark the official opening of the tourist season in Thailand.

The volunteers, dressed in blue shirts and armed with black rubbish bags, headed to Thailand’s Similan Islands in Phang Nga province on October 25 to gather plastic waste which will be recycled into plastic surfboards.

In line with pandemic restrictions, not more than 100 people were allowed to participate. Volunteers were also required to wear face masks at all times while adhering to government-prescribed preventive measures.

Participants first swept through the Similan Islands National Park to help staff clean up the pollution and plastic waste before tourists arrive.

Chayapol Hirunkanokkul, president of the Phang Nga Tourism Business Association, said the ‘Save for Surf’ activity is held to collect plastic trash around tourist attractions in the province and upcycle the waste into useable products in the future.

The event is also seen to raise awareness in preserving the beauty of Thailand’s beaches and climate change.