Grandma shows newborn pup to her grandson via CCTV amid lockdown in northern China

A grandmother showed her newborn puppy to her grandson via CCTV amid travel restrictions due to new COVID-19 infections in China.

Heartwarming footage shows Mr. Wang’s grandmother in Huining, Gansu province holding up the pooch while she spoke to her grandson over the surveillance camera on October 30.

Mr. Wang said: ‘Yesterday, I made a video call and she was outside at the time. She held the puppy and showed it to me on the camera.

‘I saw her smile like child. I want to return home every time I call her. I’ll visit her often when the pandemic is over.’

He added that he had not seen his grandmother in two months due to the pandemic.

Parts of China’s northern region, including Gansu province, have been placed under varying degrees of lockdown after a new wave of infections was recorded in October. As of October 31, 105 locally transmitted cases have been confirmed in the province.