Dugong family swims together in southern Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ly2xdsf3y4elljg/VRP74818.mp4?dl=0

A beautiful family of dugongs was seen swimming together in the blue-green waters of southern Thailand.

Drone footage shows the sea creatures gliding just beneath the surface of the Andaman sea, near Hat Chao Mai National Park in Trang province on October 23.

The sea cows were spotted while officers of the Marine National Park were conducting a survey of rare sea animals in the park using a drone.

While observing the water from above, they found a mother dugong and her two offspring, as well as three sea turtles. Boats were seen speeding by and reportedly disturbing the animals.

Park officials have warned boats passing through the area to be cautious of their movement, which may cause accidents and harm marine wildlife.