Onlookers scream as school bus catches fire in China

This is the shocking moment a school bus full of students caught fire in China.

The vehicle was driving along a road in Maoming, Guangdong province on October 29 when one of its rear tires burst into flames. Video shows concerned passers-by shouting for the driver to stop as the fire grew larger.

Despite the warnings, the bus started to move forward again, prompting several onlookers to run across the road and block its path.

Mr. Huang who filmed the footage said about 20 people, including a number of students in school uniforms, were evacuated from the burning vehicle.

The bus driver used an emergency fire extinguisher to douse the flames, but had to borrow more tanks from a nearby shop to completely put out the blaze.

The local fire department and police officers rushed to the scene shortly afterwards to conduct an investigation. No one was reported hurt in the incident.